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At K. Stonehill Creations the possibilities are limitless. Let us partner with you to turn your dreams into reality.


We want you to end up with a stunning piece of  jewelry that is everything that you could have dreamed of and more.


Your custom creation can be as simple or complex as your dream dictates.  Many jewelers only provide you with the options of what they have in stock. 


At K. Stonehill Creations we enjoy the artistic process of creating exactly what YOU want.


Do you have a drawer full of old jewelry that is collecting dust because it is dated or does not fit your current lifestyle?  Perhaps you have a piece with sentimental value that you never wear. 


Whatever the situation, we can work with you to take your existing jewelry and turn it into something new that you can’t wait to wear!


We will do our best to accommodate whatever needs you might have.


See what others have said at our Customer Corner.


Check out our 3-D Graphic Models & Custom Designs galleries


Stackable rings are a very popular choice for many reasons and many occasions, and letting us create custom stackable just for you can be very rewarding. We are able to start from scratch with any design that your imagination comes up with, or we can take those pieces of jewelry you no longer wear and transform them into your new favorite everyday pieces.

Luxury Creations

Out of this world luxury creations are one of our favorite projects here at K. Stonehill Creations. When you are in the market for something really special that you will not see anyone else wearing, let us become your personal designers. We have sources around the world for the finest, largest, and hardest to find stones, and our design capabilities are limited only by your dreams.

Rare Colored Diamonds

If you have a desire for something rare, unusual, or unique, we will search tirelessly until we find that one special stone that is just for you. From costly fancy colored diamonds to more affordable rare gemstones, we can create a stunning piece for you with stones that many people will never have seen anywhere else.

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